What We Do

How we help feed the needy in Israel
food parcels

Food Parcels

A monthly delivery of non-perishable household food items helps provide nutrition security to needy families.

At Cost Markets

Colel Chabad operates a chain of non-profit supermarkets in key markets to serve households struggling with the cost of food.
meals on wheels

Meals On Wheels

A customized and highly personal service that caters to the nutritional needs of homebound indigents and senior citizens.
free restuarants

Soup Kitchens

Meals are served at a network of 22 free restaurants, a signature project of Colel Chabad food operations in Israel.

Who Receives Help

Recipients of food parcels, shoppers at low-cost markets, and those who receive meals at home or in free kitchens include the elderly, holocaust survivors, single-parent families, orphans, widows, and others in need of food assistance.

Food Baskets

Salei Mazon ( lit; food baskets) are delivered nationwide, from a central warehouse. An army of volunteers is engaged in the process of packing and delivery. Food basket recipients are identified, screened and approved by the social services departments of local municipalities which work very closely with Colel Chabad to assure that no needy family goes hungry. The monthly food baskets contain all non-perishable household food items, potatoes and root vegetables, as well as cleansers and other consumables needed for the entire month. 

At-Cost Supermarkets

Pantry-Packers supports a chain of five at-cost supermarkets, where the poor and near poor can shop affordably and with dignity. The stores are located in areas with high concentrations of poor, large families.

Net sales for the last year were over 70 million shekels ($22.5 million) representing a gross savings to the shoppers of nearly 25 million shekels. The supermarket chain is slated for expansion in the years ahead.

Meals on Wheels

Hot meals delivered daily to the elderly or disabled who live on their own and are unable to prepare their own food.

Those in need of food receive home delivered hot meals on a daily basis. Wherever necessary, these meals are prepared according to their dietary restrictions.

Free Kitchens

Nutritous free meals are served daily to needy residents in the cities Arad, Ashdod, Ashqelon, Be’er Sheva, Beit Shemesh, Demona, Jerusalem, Lod, Ramla, Tzfat, and  Yerucham. Meals are offered in an atmosphere of dignity and security to those who might otherwise go hungry.

You Can Help

Interested in helping us provide nutritious meals to people who might otherwise go hungry in Israel?

Find out more about how you can help.

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Pantry Packers® is a food distribution project of Tzedakah Central/Colel Chabad, the oldest continuously operating network of social services in Israel – established in 1788.

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