Fan Mail

Hi R’ Menachem

Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. My kids had a blast. They thought they would be packing boxes not packaging rice! They loved it. They are still talking about. You were very kind and courteous and tons of fun too. We can’t wait to come back or maybe look into starting something like this in the U.S.

All the best

Yissachar Blinder

Dear Rabbi Traxler,

Thank you so much for the opportunity! Each of our kids were talking for days about their jobs and how much they loved them!

Thank you for creating such a loving family friendly environment where we each could be part of something so special! We will surely be back to volunteer again and again! Thank you for your warm and welcoming feel that helped out kids feel like doing for others is something they can’t wait to do again!

Kol Hakavod on an amazing project!

Shanna tova!


Rena Glazer and families

Thank you for ‘beating us to the punch.’  My family had in mind to email you to thank you for such a wonderful experience.  The ‘Simcha’ and efficiency with wich you do this ‘mitzvah’ is inspiring. 

With best wishes for a wonderful New Year,

Sharon Goldberg and family

Pantry Packers was a highlight of our trip… everyone enjoyed the experience!  Thanks for accommodating our group.  We look forward to volunteering again on our next trip to Israel. 

Gary Elbaum

Dear Rabbi Traxler,

Thank you for your kind words and for giving us the opportunity to share in this mitzvah.

And of course thank you for the fabulous pictures!

Looking forward to returning in the future.

Best wishes for כתיבה וחתימה טובה

Aviva and Gedalia Stanislawski

Our pleasure! What a special organization. shana tova-

Miri, Josh and co.

I am glad that we could experience this. You are making a wonderful job! 

So thank YOU for doing this every day and helping people who are in need.

This is fantastic.

Best regards,

Helma Tamar


It was wonderful meeting you. Our whole group was so impressed with the way you really connect everyone and make them feel part of such a worthwhile endeavor.

Best Regards,

The Fishbeins

Thank you for giving us and others the opportunity to do chessed with our kids in such a fun way.

Eytan Coren

Thank you!

Pantry packers is a volunteers dream!

Thank you for making it such a great experience!

All the best,

Michal and Aaron Strauss

Thank you for such a special addition to our trip and for all that you do!!

Margot Reinstein

Great pics. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just waiting for a cancellation to bring our other grandchildren.

Kind regards

The Colemans

Thank YOU! It was a wonderful day. We really appreciate all that you do. 

Kol tuv,

The Goldberg Family

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help

Tizku l’mitzvot


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with my family on such a wonderful project. Unfortunately, I never made it back with my other two grandchildren, but I promised them that the next time I visit they will get a chance to pack as well. I will certainly recommend it to my friends who visit Yerushalayim.

Keep up the good work!
Kol tuv,
Shari Baran

Thank you for having us!  Both the kids and the adults really had a fun time volunteering!  So glad our tour guide, Yomi Groner, recommended it highly to us.  

We referred another Bar Mitzvah boy for August so far.  Hope to come back soon!

Thanks for the pictures!

All the best,


Thanks again, we’ll be back, for sure!

All my best,


Aish Campus Boston

Thank you.  It was a wonderful way to do a mitzvah.  We will definitely send other people your way and try to do it again!


Dear Rabbi Traxler,

The pleasure was all ours.

May you be זוכה to continue the amazing wonderful work you do for כלל ישראל


Paulette Simon

Dear Rabbi Menachem,

Thank you for your email and the opportunity to give a tzdaka.

We will on contact and hope to visit Pantry Packers soon.

Best regards,

Eitan Rosenstock

Thank you Rabbi. G-d willing I will get back to Israel again. It is certainly a mitzvah I would be happy to participate in once more. The next time Rabbi Block (Chabad of Plano) plans a trip to Israel I will suggest you be on the itinerary.

Best Regards,

Phil Stayman

Thank you very much for providing us with such a special experience.

Kol Tuv,

Ruth Berkowitz


Thanks so much for having us! We had a blast—who knew packing rice was SOO much fun??


Rich Dinetz
Youth Director

Adas Israel Congregation

Thank you so much.  I wish we could have done more.

Regards, Stephen Ozen

Thank you

It was an amazing experience


Thank you! For enabling us participating in this wonderful project. We will come again b”h.

Yishar Koach

Totally our honor and we will be back next year.



Muchas gracias!!!! Fue una gran experiencia los felicito por la labor tan grande que hacen

Arq. Marcos Atach Shiver


Rabbi Traxler,
We cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to help even in just a small way. It was a great experience for our family and we look forward to coming back next time we are in Israel.
Thanks for sending the pictures!
Kol Tuv!!
Brian K. Allen


Dear Rabbi Menachem,
Thank you very much for this email and for the link. Our students truly enjoyed this experience. We talked about it toward the end of the trip and on many occasions since our return the students shared with teachers the profound experience they had being there and taking part in a such a wonderful deed. We would love to bring our next year group to have this experience as well.
Shabbat Shalom,
Yakov Dov
Hebrew 6 & 8 grade
Solomon Schechter Day School


Thank you Rabbi Traxler for your kind mail. The children enjoyed to help. It was a great experience. We hope to come again in our next trips.
שבת שלום


Thanks, Menachem.  We feel it a privilege to be able to get to you.  I’ll see you again soon, and we do have more groups coming!!!  It is we who should be profusely thanking you for having this amazing institution that we can come to.
Shabbat Shalom,
David Mitchell | Dean of Education

Thank you! We have told so many people about Pantry Packers and we hope they will include it on their next trip to Israel!
Tamar and Andrew


Thank you Menachem for having us and allowing the group to do some Chesed while in Israel.  Everyone really enjoyed it.

We hope to be back in Israel soon, B’h…!!  We will be in touch.

Thank you for yesterday. Everyone had a GREAT time. Yasher koach for making Chesed fun and meaningful. Tizku lmitzvot!
Toby Kram and Family


Dear Rabbi Traxler and the Pantry Packers team,

Thank you for your email!

Thank you so much for the pictures. My kids still talk about this amazing chesed. Kol haKavod.
Howard & Julie Plotsker


It was a great honor and privilege for us to partake in this amazing project. That’s a lot of rice…
Our participants immensley enjoyed helping, and were much inspired by the work you and Colel Chabad do.


In the words of one of our boys: “This was an experience of epic proportions! Better than parasailing or traktoronim”. Another: “I was so proud that I was able to give not just take. My trip to Israel was worth it just for this!”

Wishing you much continues success in your holy work!

May G-d bless you and yours.

E. Rosenfeld
Young Shluchim summer program

Shalom Rabbi,

Yashar Koach on this amazing project. We loved every moment.

Kol Tuv,

Thanks so much! Pantry packers was one of the highlights of our trip! We have been recommending you to lots of our friends. We hope to come to Pantry Packers again next time we are in Israel.
Netanel and Ayelet Danto

Wow, thanks so much for those pictures. It was a great experience and wish you lots of hatzlacha with it.
Moshe Raichman

It was our pleasure, and certainly a very memorable activity!
Shana Tova!
Caroline and Eliav


Thank you for the link to see the pics on the pantry packers website page.. We loved seeing them and it brought back memories of a wonderful and meaningful experience that we shared at Pantry Packers.  Thank you so much for arranging it all.