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Browse the history of charity. See how lives are changed. 

Visit what may be the only exhibition dedicated to the history and workings of charity. Trace the concept of Tzedakah from the time of Avraham Avinu to the present.

This recently dedicated center serves as your introduction to the Pantry Packers experience. We invite you to browse a visual history of charity dating back to the time of Abraham, with memorabilia and explanations charting how charitable giving developed in Eretz Yisrael in recent centuries.

Archival items on display include bank documentation from the Ottoman Bank in Jerusalem, registers of families that needed support in the 1800’s and a coin and stamp collection from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The History of Israel as a Nation of Justice and Charity

This is believed to be the only museum exhibition in Israel specifically dedicated to the concept of charitable giving. As such, it offers a fascinating chance to experience a variety of perspectives on charity in Jewish history for children and adults.

The exhibit includes a series of personal profiles which detailing the challenges faced by Israel’s needy – and how you help make a difference in their lives.

Volunteers and visitors can follow the progress of virtual donations on interactive screens, and see how contributions of time and money spread out to help hundrends of people in palces near and distant.

Our goal at Pantry Packers is to ensure that the time you spend with us gives you and your children an educational and meaningful charity experience. We hope that this new center contributes to that experience. and we look forward to hosting you here in Jerusalem very soon.

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