Cheesecake Creation Event

Join Jamie Geller and the Pantry Packers team creating cheesecake for Shavuot senior meal deliveries.

Follow Along at Home

Here’s the recipe we’re using today.

Join Us Live

In the Pantry Packers kitchen with Celebrity Chef Jamie Geller and comedian Elon Gold.

We’re making Shavuot cheesecake for home-bound Israeli seniors.

You can join us right here, and on YouTubeFacebook, or Zoom.

Join us live on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at these times:

2:00 PM PDT Los Angeles
4:00 PM CDT Chicago
5:00 PM EDT New York
10:00 PM BST London
11:00 PM SAST Johannesburg
00:00 IDT Israel (Wednesday, May 23)

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Support Seniors In Israel

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Derech Moshe Baram | Jerusalem
02-626-0035 | Fax: 074-702-3416

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