A Perfect Formula for Success

A lack of baby formula on shelves of stores in the USA is worldwide news, but the inability to feed an infant can occur for more reasons than a supply problem.

Many parents in Israel are struggling to feed their infants, not because there is no formula available, but because they cannot afford to buy it.

The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation have combined to make it more difficult for many families to provide food for their families, impacting even the very youngest children in Israel.

The situation has become so severe, that baby formula has become one of the most frequently stolen items. News sources are reporting on supermarkets taking steps to prevent theft.

If a person gets into a situation where they steal baby food they probably need it. That means they have reached a state of disgrace.

Fortunately, the government of Israel has chosen to take innovative steps to address the problem. Among the measures being implemented is a partnership with Colel Chabad to provide support to families in need, and to help famlies emerge from poverty.

The partnership includes distribution of infant formula to families with half of the funds coming from the governemnt of Israel and half from Colel Chabad’s donors.

Eligible families can choose the brand of formula they need and arrange pickup at their local grocer. All that is needed now to get vitally-needed formula to the babies in need is your participation.

Every donation is matched 100% by the government of Israel. Your donation will bring twice as much value in formula to infants and babies depending on our help.